Why Online Diets are Not All Equal

Why Online Diets are Not All Equal While so many options exist for online diets on the Internet, How can you choose which is the right one? There are diet pills, diet shakes, açai diets, HCG diet and the whole vast array of different options for you to choose. The problem is when you’re looking online for a new diet most of the time what you’re going to find are people pushing products or services that never work. The thing is,...

Do meal replacement shakes work?

Losing weight is one of the most frustrating challenges people can face, especially given the sheer amount of misinformation available. Two of the biggest misconceptions are that trendy fasting drinks can help you lose weight and keep it off and that meal replacement shakes don`t work.   That may sound contradictory, but it`s not. Trendy fasting drinks like lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne will...

Trampolining and weight loss

If you`re looking for a fun way to exercise and lose weight, how about trying a trampoline workout? According to a report from the website, Discovery Health, researchers have found that a person who weighs 150 pounds can burn a quick and easy 119 calories by jumping on a trampoline for half an hour. In addition, trampoline training offers a safe and highly effective aerobic exercise regimen that can boost...

Most Popular Weight Loss Products

For most eating a balanced diet and sticking to a fitness routine every day is pretty much impossible. For these millions of people in the United States there is the help of the many weight loss products available on the market today. This especially applies to those who are obese as it is harder for them to perform physical activity to contribute to more weight loss. It is no surprise that obesity is a...

Metabolism and Weight Loss

There are many factors in losing weight. We could lose weight by eating less, taking pills, exercising or a combination of these. However, it all comes down to how we lose those calories in our body, and the best way to do this is by increasing our metabolism. Metabolic weight loss may be the most important aspect of losing weight, and without it you can’t shed those unnecessary fats that are already...

Healthy Weight Loss Diet Plan

While there are many ways to lose weight quickly, they may not always be healthy, and can even be more dangerous to your health than being over weight. Most of those who are overweight have a much higher risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes, cancer, and arthritis. Not only do these diseases shorten your life, they make your day-to-day miserable. Losing weight not only provides a more healthy body, but...

Fasting for Weight Loss

Even though it’s not recommended, fasting is one of the basic ways to achieve the ideal weight you really want. While a few would dish this principle, it’s just a simple equation that many people around the world follow fasting for weight loss purposes. Of course, fasting isn’t just done for losing weight, it’s more a secondary benefit and you get to kill two birds with one stone so to...

The Zone Diet

The Zone diet is another one of the current popular trend of ‘scientifically backed’ diets. Developed by a former researcher in biotechnology at the University of Massachusetts, Dr Barry Sears, this diet is based on the nutritionally sound idea of replacing high glycemic index carbohydrates like white bread, potatoes and pasta with low glycemic index ones like whole grains, beans and...

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