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The purpose of the Terms and Conditions is to regulate the use of the website, the application, and the content displayed on them. The use of the website and the application is subject to the terms of use contained in these regulations.

The user is asked to read these terms carefully, since entering the site and the application and the beginning of its use and contents, in the absence of explicit and written notice of unequivocal consent to the terms of use of the site and application, user's reading will be considered as the consent to the site’s use in accordance with these regulations.

The user must also read the add-ons that appear at the bottom of this document, which address the PRIVACY POLICY issue in the various contexts as well as in the context of the GDPR.

The owners of the site and the app reserve the right to update these terms of use from time to time, at their sole discretion, and without the need for any prior notice.

This document is written in masculine for convenience only and applies to both sexes in the same way.

The owners of the website and the app reserve the right to terminate the use of the website and the app if the user does not meet one or more of the terms of use.

By using the site and the application, the user undertakes not to do one or more of the following:

● Sending or broadcasting any false and misleading material or material that is intended to deceive any user.

● Sending or transmitting any material that contains any type of computer virus or any other computer code that is designed to destroy, interfere with, or restrict the use of any of the computers, servers, hardware, and software used by the site managers and the application for the purpose of providing the services offered on this site.

● Infringement in any way of copyrights, trademarks, or any other proprietary rights that are on this site and the app.

● Impersonating any person or entity, including a representative, employee or manager of the site managers (and the app) and/or providing a false description or false representation of your relationship to any person or entity.

● Modifying, processing, copying, retrieving information, adapting, sublicensing, translating, selling, re-engineering, disassembling or reassembling any of the code components that make up the site (or application), including the database, and the hardware and software used for the service.

● Placing the site (or application), or any part of it, within the framework of another site (or other application) or as an integral part of another site (or application) without the prior written consent of the managers of the site / application.

● Use of any robot, worm, retrieval and information search engine, or any other automated or manual tool that is designed to retrieve, and locate information on the site (or application), or such tool which is designed to reveal the database structure and code on this site (or application).

● Distributing "spam" to the site (or application) servers, or flooding them with such mail or any other mail.

● Use code to track another person or harass another person in any way.

● Collecting or storing personal information about other users for financial or illegal purposes.

● Selling, distributing or making any economic use of the information on the site (or the application) or any other use in a manner that may harm the person to whom the information is relevant.

● Interrupt in any other way, the site (or application) (including by interfering with the server and computer network operations connected to the site or the computer network connected to it) or in any way violate the requirements and procedures of the site.

In order to register for certain services on the website (or in the application), the user may be asked to fill in a registration form in which he will have to provide a number of details about himself, including his name and e-mail address. In addition to these details, the user will be asked to choose a password, which will be used to identify him for the purpose of receiving certain services. The user declares that he is solely and fully responsible for maintaining the password and undertakes to notify the site operators immediately of any unauthorized use of his password and/or any other breach of confidentiality.

The company may use the information provided to it by the user at the same time in order to contact him and update him on the company's services and regarding additional services offered by the site or application or other tools related to the site. The company may use the above information for marketing or as part of personal use.

When registering for certain services, the user may be asked to provide details and fill out a health questionnaire. He must fill in the details in full and accurately as they form the basis for his registration for the service.

The user undertakes to provide true, accurate, correct and complete information about himself, as requested in the specific registration form for the service for which he has registered. The user also undertakes to update the information provided in order to maintain its accuracy and completeness.

The privacy policy applies to the personal information provided by the user, as part of the registration process for certain services, to the personal information transmitted by the user while using the services, as well as to information collected about him while browsing the site.

The site and the application work takes various measures to secure information. However, full immunity from intrusion into the site's computers cannot be guaranteed, and the user must be aware of this possibility when submitting his details to the site. It is hereby clarified that if the user's information is disclosed due to the intrusion of a third party into the site or for any reason, no liability will apply to the site.

The owners of the site (or application) will, as far as possible, refrain from giving the user's personal details to third parties, unless the site operators find that the user's actions on the site violate the terms of use, or are done to commit fraud of any kind, or if required to do so according to a court order or an order from an authority from the law authorities in the country or if they face a threat that legal action will be taken against them for actions taken by the user on the site (or in the application).

The owners of the site (or application) may use the information provided by the user of the site and information collected about the patterns of use of the site, for the purpose of improving the services on the site (or in the application), to contact the user, or to analyze and provide statistical information to third parties, including advertisers. This information will not personally identify the user.

The website (or application) uses cookies, so that the site's servers (or the application) can identify the user quickly and efficiently even when he returns to visit the website. By agreeing to the terms of use, if the user continues to browse the site (or the application), he allows the owners of the site (or the application) to "plant" a cookie on his computer, use the information stored in the cookie and identify it accordingly.

The owners of the website (or app) reserve the right to suspend, cancel or refuse to provide the service to the user of the website (or app), in case of providing information that is not true, updated, complete or correct at the time of registration or after, or if they have reasonable grounds to assume that this has happened, with or without prior notice.

The owners of the site (or application) may refuse to publish content, which in their opinion violates any of the conditions below and/or above and/or may harm the site (or application) and/or its owners and/or any third party, and they may delete such content at any time. The owners of the site (or application) may delete any response to the material published on the site, any post in the forums, all at their sole discretion.

The user will compensate and/or indemnify the company as well as the owners of the site (or application), or anyone on their behalf for any damage, loss, loss of profit or payment or any expense caused to them due to violation of these terms of use - including legal expenses and attorneys' fees.

In these Terms and Conditions: Content - including articles, reviews, data, any action offered on or through the site, news, analyses, information, assessments, text, images and/or voice, which are made available to the site's surfers and various end devices by any means, existing or available in the future, whether owned by the site operators or owned by a third party.

The user is prevented from posting the following content on the site (or in the application):

Content that is threatening, racist, defamatory, encourages the commission of criminal or civil offenses, infringes on privacy, causes harm, harms public sentiment and content that constitutes any violation of the law; Content in which the intellectual property rights do not belong to you; Content that contains computer viruses of any kind; Content that is not relevant to the forum in which the user is located.

If the user finds in the information on the site (or in the application), or in the information that exists between the contents of any other site linked from it, material that is perceived as incorrect, illegal and / or immoral, the user is asked to notify the site operators.

The operators of the site (or application) will not be responsible for the content and / or availability of the services contained on the site (or application) or linked sites and any end device on which they appear, their content, reliability, dates of events, cancellations, changes and inaccuracies, reliability and impact on users of the site (or application), faults or failures in lines and communication systems, with the operators of the site (or application) or with those of its providers and / or service providers.

In addition, the operators of the site (or app) will not be responsible for any damage, inconvenience, loss, mental anguish, etc., in any results, direct or indirect, caused to the user, his property or any third party due to the use of this content, including by minors and computer viruses. / or due to the download of any material from the site.

The operators of the site (or application) are not responsible for the information being factually and / or scientifically and / or legally and / or medically based, or for the accuracy, completeness or efficiency of the information. By entering the site (or the application), you waive any claim and / or legal or other requirement regarding the user's use of it, the forums, and any other part of the site, the images, graphics and photographs on it, what is published on it and the links to and from it.

The site publishes a lot of diverse information, which includes tips, various data, recipes and more. This information is published as a service to the users of the site only and may be updated from time to time. The site is not responsible for the content of the information and any use it makes of it. The user of the website is advised to check the reliability of the information, before relying on it.

The operators of the website (or the app) will not bear any responsibility regarding the content of the ads and commercial information published on the website (or in the app), including the content that will be transmitted among the website surfers as part of forums and blogs. For the avoidance of doubt, it is clarified and agreed here that placing ads and commercial information on the site will not be construed as an offer by the site to use, express support, encouragement, consent or sponsorship of the site, explicitly or generally, for content or services offered by advertisers. In addition, the site operators do not sponsor, encourage, offer, agree or express an opinion regarding the correctness and / or accuracy and / or level and quality of the content or of any information, advertisements, services, products, opinions and positions displayed on other sites and / or any content. , Information, advertisements, services, products, opinions and positions that the site or other sites refer to and any reliance of the user on any content, information, advertisements, products, opinions and positions displayed or advertised on sites to which there is such a reference, including information, content, opinions and positions Exhibited or published there, is done at the discretion of the user and at his sole risk.

The operators of the website (or application) will not bear any responsibility for the use of information about the user, which is obtained not through them but by third parties.

The services of the site (or application) are offered to the user as they are and the site will not bear any responsibility for their adaptation to the needs or purposes of the user.

The various contents, which are published on the website (or in the app), which include recipes, tips, recommendations and articles, are intended for healthy people. The recommendations of the website (or the app) are not a substitute for professional medical advice or any other advice. The application of the content is the responsibility of the user and the website (or application) is not responsible for any damage that may be caused indirectly or directly due to the use of its content and services.


The user declares that he is aware that although the site (or application) operates as much as possible in order for the information to be as accurate and precise as possible, there may be an error or inaccuracy in the information or in the way it is transmitted to the user.

The information published on the website (or in the application) as well as the advertisements displayed on it, allow reference to other websites on the Internet. The site is not responsible in any way for the content of the information displayed on these sites as it cannot vouch for the nature, quality or reliability of the information on these sites. Any use of the information on these sites will be the sole responsibility of the user.

The information published on the website (or in the application) also includes information published on the website by the users. The site is not responsible for the information and / or opinions published by the users and these are not made on behalf of the site. The site will not bear any responsibility for the information, ads or offers published on the site on behalf of the users or for anything that may result from the use of this information.

The site does not guarantee that the use of the information on the site will not be interrupted, will be provided properly, without interruptions, will take place safely without errors or will be immune from damage, breakdowns, malfunctions or failures.

The site, including its managers, employees and anyone on its behalf, will not be liable for any damage, direct or indirect, caused to the user and / or any third party for the use of the information and / or its content and / or for cancellation and / or termination of services, including disruptions and / or defects in the transfer of information whether caused intentionally by any third party or caused by any malfunction.

The operators of the site (or application) may close the site, suspend its activity, change from time to time the structure, appearance and availability of the services and content provided on it without the need to notify the user in advance. The user or advertiser will not have any claim or demand on the site operators in this regard.

The operators of the site (or application) may from time to time send the user an e-mail newsletter or advertising information - of the site itself or information received for delivery by other advertisers. However, if the user registers to receive any of the services offered by the site, the site operators will not pass his personal details to advertisers, unless he has expressly consented thereto.

The user may delete his name from the newsletter mailing list by clicking on the appropriate place in the newsletter itself.

As stated, if the user does not agree to the terms of use, in whole or in part, he is asked to stop using the site and leave it immediately.

The website of Half Poetry is the official website of Poetry Wasserman. The site presents various content that connects to the areas of counseling and guidance in diet, weight loss and a healthy lifestyle.

It is hereby clarified that the right to use the information is for the user only, and he undertakes to take care and preserve the information in order to prevent our loss, and the user is not allowed to offer the information, whether in return or not, to any third party.

The user undertakes not to publish the information or any part of it publicly, except under the conditions specified on the website. In addition, the user undertakes that he will not publicly publish any product or output of the information, whether printed as a drawing or as a report or given as a file by magnetic means or in any other form and that he will not duplicate, photograph, copy or print any product and / or output as aforesaid from the information or any part thereof for the purpose of distribution or publication in any way.

Copyright and intellectual property, on the site itself - its design, characterization, name and nickname, its domain name, all belong to the site operators. Any copying, distribution, delivery, transmission, or publication, of information stored on the site that is not expressly permitted is prohibited unless the site has given its prior written consent.

The information will not be used for profit or other commercial purposes and will not be stored on other websites on the Internet. No change and / or editing and / or processing of information will be made.

The site will allow the user the opportunity to participate in forums or blogs on various topics. Among other things, the user will be able to write comments or messages on his behalf, as well as review comments or messages written by others.

The content in the forums is not content written, provided or edited by the site and is displayed as is. The content and messages in the forums are the sole responsibility of their users. The messages are not edited by the site and are displayed as is, without checking their reliability, portability or correctness. Any liability for any inconsistency, errors, inaccuracies, injury to any person or company, violations of the law or any content that may harm or cause any harm, direct or indirect, caused by viewing or using forums or blogs, including messages posted on behalf of forum moderators and referrals to external sites.

The user hereby declares that the messages he publishes will not violate the provisions of any law and will not include material that infringes the property rights of others or any pornographic material or of a sexually explicit nature that may offend the public or any material concerning minors: Supports, assists, provides instructions for the commission or identification of an act that constitutes a criminal offense under the laws of the State of Israel or any material that violates judicial orders and violates state security or violates censorship or any material that constitutes defamation of a person or violates his privacy or any material prohibited by publication; Any law or any material that may mislead a consumer, within the meaning of the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981, or any other law.

The user is aware that in the event of a breach of the provisions of these Terms and Conditions, the site will be entitled to pass on the user's details to any person who may be harmed by the publication of the notice. The user undertakes to compensate the site for any expense or damage caused to him due to a violation of the provisions of these regulations or a violation of the rights of any third party due to the publication of notices by him.

The user is aware that the webmaster may edit, correct, change or delete posts, material or information from the forums, at his sole discretion, without notifying the user in advance.

In extreme cases, the site may terminate the activity of a user in the forums, without giving an explanation or prior notice. The site may terminate the activity of the forums without any prior notice and the user will not have any claim against the site regarding this matter.

Jurisdiction regarding the terms of use and everything related to the site, its operation, publication on it and its use are vested in the competent courts in Tel Aviv-Yafo.

Contact details of the website’s owner:

Shira Wasserman, authorized dealer, license number 037458684

Phone number: (888) 368-8816

E-mail: info@onlinediet.net

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