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Shira Wasserman is a health and weight loss lecturer, media persona, workshop facilitator, author, and columnist. Shira promotes a healthy lifestyle in various organizations and leads a large and active community in Israel.


Shira Wasserman - Online Diet



In 2008, she founded "Half Shira" in Israel with the aim of encouraging and inspiring people who are interested in making a positive change in their lives. Shira herself has shed over 150 lbs without surgery and has maintained this achievement for over a decade, thanks to proper nutrition and fitness.



Shira says:

“For years, I was overweight to the point where I was dangerously obese. My weight has affected many areas of my life, far beyond not fitting into my jeans. The changes I made were so much more than just losing 150 pounds, they changed every area of my life.

So many times I have felt as you do - that you want to change, but don’t really know where to start. For me, it happened when the right moment came and I was really ready to embrace it.

After realizing that people, who want change, need the right approach, guidance, and support, I founded 'Half Shira" in Israel, also known as the “Online Diet” program.


Today the Online Diet program consists of:

● Thousands of clients with amazing success stories

● A professional team of clinical dietitians, offering coaching and management support systems that address the nutritional and emotional side of losing weight

● A proven and effective approach for maintaining long-term results.


Without any diet food or avoidance of your favorite foods, but with support and guidance on your weight loss journey.


Half Shira - Online Diet


Shira’s expertise includes:


● Facilitating dozens of 'challenges', weight loss and diet coaching programs

● Lectures at hundreds of companies and organizations in Israel and around the world

● Conducting workshops for company employees

● Conducting hundreds of cooking workshops

● Making dozens of TV appearances on topics of health and lifestyle

● Collaborations with companies to promote healthy lifestyle awareness and development of unique products in line with the health and culinary approach of the brand

● And most of all - daily support of thousands of satisfied customers on their journey to a healthy lifestyle

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