The premium program by Half Shira is the recommended program for initiating the weight loss and lifestyle change process.


Start your big change today - maintain the results for the rest of your life!


What you’ll get from the program:


➢ A personal diagnostic session with a clinical dietitian

➢ Personalized eating plan: a nutritious, satisfying, and varied menu

➢ Weekly Zoom meetings with Shira on issues of commitment, perseverance, and much more

➢ Daily tracking of your personal eating diary

➢ Support from a personal dietitian

➢ Weekly weigh-in follow-up

➢ Weekend support availability

➢ Participation in a closed WhatsApp group: empowering content, recipes, sharing, and more

➢ Participation in a secret Facebook group

➢ Use of an advanced dedicated app

➢ Access to dozens of recorded sessions

➢ Daily support from the staff

➢ A collection of recipes suitable for the 40 Day Challenge

➢ Availability of staff by phone, Facebook, email, and WhatsApp



40 days of support, motivation, getting used to the here and now, and losing weight easily and effortlessly!


The program is also suitable for vegans, people who have undergone gastric bypass surgery, celiac patients, and those who are sensitive to gluten.


The only program that provides support even on the weekends, when you need it most!



Before discount: $535

After discount: $499


So how do you get started?


Fill out the registration form, receive the registration kit by email, and get started.

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